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Bye Bye Bernier

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While Stephen Harper defended his defense minister’s honour earlier today, this evening he accepted Maxime Bernier’s resignation. Bernier stepping reportedly has nothing to do with Jos Louis, Julie Couillard, the Hells Angels, or $1 million dollar Antonov rentals. Rather, the embattled Bernier admitted he left classified government documents in a public an un-secured place. Quoth Harper (via

Mr. Bernier has learned and informed me that he left classified government documents in a non-secure location. This is a serious error and the minister has accepted his responsibility.

Let me be very clear: this is not to do with the minister’s life or the life of a private citizen, 99 per cent of which I think is completely off bounds.

Canadian Press is now reporting the following though:

A source tells The Canadian Press that Bernier left an extremely sensitive classified document at Couillard’s apartment, and her lawyer notified the Foreign Affairs department about the document on the weekend.

Written by Tim McSorley

May 26, 2008 at 7:50 pm

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