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KI6, Nepal & Bees: Dominion #51 out today

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Fresh off the presses is the latest issue of The Dominion.

Number 51 features:

  • Coverage of several Indigenous communities fighting destructive resource extraction and the political measures that make it possible in Ontario and Quebec.
  • On-the-ground coverage of mining in Colombia and Maoists in Nepal
  • New stories on the Art of Walking, bees in Nova Scotia, Haiti’s recent history, and much more…

The Dominion is a monthly, grassroots newspaper distributed throughout Canada featuring writers and stories from communities across the country, with a healthy dose of international coverage thrown in. Over the past years it has become one of the most important sources in Canada for news not covered by the mainstream press, regularly publishing stories about Canada’s role in Afghanistan, in the internationally destructive mining industry, and important domestic issues such as the government’s continued oppression of First Nations communities and the challenges we face from large-scale industrialisation projects such as the tar sands development in northern Alberta. It also provides a venue to showcase and discuss the powerful stories of resistance, alternatives and victories that are also often dropped from the corporate media’s coverage.*

You can find out more about The Dominion here. To find out how you can support The Dominion, check out the Dominion Media Co-op.

*I have written for and am currently a copy-editor with The Dominion. Just so you know…

Written by Tim McSorley

June 11, 2008 at 11:03 am

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