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Wente and the budgie…

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That Margaret Wente over at the Globe & Mail* just cracks me up. I know she’s trying hard, and she’s hoping to be funny, but c’mon:

There are transmen who prefer sex with men, ones who prefer sex with women and, for all I know, ones who prefer sex with budgies.

Now I know that she probably doesn’t really think transmen have sex with budgies (although you’d have to ask her about that…), but when there are still some people running around painting homosexuality and ‘queerness’ in general as a slippery slope to beastiality or pedophilia, you’d think that she, or maybe her editors, would think twice about that kind of, um, humour.

(*I know this is my second post in a row picking on the Globe. I’ll make sure to read the National Post tomorrow, just to be fair…)

Written by Tim McSorley

June 26, 2008 at 6:19 pm

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