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Help! I’m suffocating under my lack of economic freedom

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A gem in today’s La Presse:

Nathalie Elgrably-Levy, fomerly with the Montreal Economic Institute and now with the Fraser Institute, has published a scathing report on the lack of economic freedom in Quebec, ranking it 59th out of 60 in North America (last place went to Prince Edward Island).

What, perchance, is to blame for this stranglehold on my access to the accumulation of capital? According to La Presse:

[L]’interventionnisme étatique, les syndicats puissants, la création de programmes sociaux étendus et de toute une série de droits sociaux.

That’s right: state interventionism, strong unions, extensive social programs and a slew of social rights. Guess it’s time to get rid of them. Then we could be that much closer to the pinnacle of economic perfection: Delaware.

Written by Tim McSorley

July 9, 2008 at 12:11 pm

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